Available Las Vegas High Rise Properties for Sale

The following is a current rundown of available Las Vegas High Rise Properties that are new to the market. Is it true that you are needing to encounter hang living in Las Vegas? I am here to assist and would be happy to schedule a private tour for you. Please bookmark this page as [...]

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Affordable Henderson Homes for Sale

This is a current list of Affordable Henderson Homes for sale.  Please bookmark this page as the available real estate listings change from day to day. If you have any questions about any of these affordable homes located in Henderson, Nevada or are thinking about putting your home on the market please call me [...]

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Las Vegas Weekly’s Food, Drink and Local Events

Searching for a new dining experience, drinks and nearby events?  Are you needing some supper and afterward a night out on the town? Here is a live Las Vegas Weekly news feed that provides detail regarding where to where to go and what cool occasions to look for. Read up on what is happening in the general [...]

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Unique Homes Article for the Summerlin Resident

This is the very popular Zillow news feed about unique homes. Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada Residents seem to enjoy these short stories and interesting articles. Bookmark this page as this unique homes news feed updates daily. If you have any questions or are looking to buy or sell your home in the Summerlin area contact me [...]

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